Three Times the Amount

“When all the other lawyers said, my case wasn’t worth much, Mr. Puma got me three times the amount…”

– Kim, March 2024 via Avvo

The Law Firm You Can Depend On

“Puma Law Group is the law firm you can depend on during stressful and trying times in life. I retained PLG to be my legal advocates for an insurance matter with my condo. Johnpaul and Zach were always available to communicate and walk me through each step of the legal process! Definitely will be back should any insurance, personal, auto, or home, issues arise in the future! Thank You PLG!”

– Cannon Kearney, November 2023 via Google

Do Yourself a Favor, Give Them a Call

“The Puma Law Group is the very best personal injury firm out there. They won’t settle for the lowest amount just to get a paycheck. They will fight for you to get what you totally deserve. That’s what they did for me. I am so grateful to have switched from another lawyer to Puma. Do yourself a favor and give them a call. You won’t be sorry.”

– Rosemary Angelus, November 2022 via Google

Recomiendo de Primera

“Profesional de primera justicia ante todos excelente abogado y ser humano lo recomiendo de primera.”

– Flor Melo, April 2022 via Avvo

Health & Wellbeing is the Priority

“I was in a car accident and I end up deciding to go with the representation of John Paul Puma and the Puma Law Group. Boy did I make the right decision. For them it’s about making sure your health and well being is the priority. Being composited for your injuries, they can take care of that in their sleep. They are very professional and good at what they do. Thanks for everything.”

– Leonard Eleazer, April 2022 via Google

Gives You VIP Treatment

“This professional is one of the few, first he wants your problem to be solved, he helps you understand it and finally he thinks about charging you… he is kind to the economy of those who need him, he adjusts to who you are, no matter your nationality or your language On the other hand, he tries to understand you and gives you VIP treatment. He solved my problem in court by getting the judge not to give me the 7 points on the license that he wanted to give me.”

– Francia Maurer, March 2022 via Google & Avvo

Professional & Caring

“John-Paul and Zachary are most professional and caring attorneys I have dealt with in my 22 years of being in business. I highly recommend the Puma Law Group, P.C.”

– Dr. Juice Fire, March 2022 via Google

He proved them all wrong

“It was a done deal, the insurance company said NO, sorry but there’s nothing we can do, it’s a closed case, good luck and take care. Well that wasn’t the case once John-Paul got involved, because not more than 7 days later the claim was reopened, reviewed and now being paid out in full and it’s because of John-Paul and the Puma Law group. Thank you for everything you guys are hands down the best there is.”

– David, January 22, 2021 via Avvo

He’s your guy!

“Where do I begin? Honestly there are no words to show the gratitude I have for John. I got into an accident a month ago and my insurance company refused to pay for any damages and I thought all was lost. I heard about John’s superb services and I gave him a call and he took care of everything. He was very quick and precise and I didnt have to do a thing. Now finally my insurance company will be paying for my repairs in full. Thank you so much!!!”

– Jasmine, January 21, 2021 via Avvo

PLG Exceeded All Expectations

“During an uncertain and worrisome time, The Puma Law Group (PLG) was there to ease our concerns with the knowledge and professionalism. When searching for a law group, I hoped to find some level of professionalism and knowledge, but in this case, PLG exceeded all expectations. PLG gave our experience a personal touch and made us feel like our case was just as important to them as it was to us. They were available when we had questions and by their actions they reassured us at every turn that we made the right choice choosing PLG. I’ll be using PLG for any future needs and I highly recommend The Puma Law Group!”

– S Wolf, December 2020 via Google

Extremely Professional & Dedicated

“I am beyond grateful that Puma Law Group is handling my case. They are extremely professional and dedicated to their clients. Puma Law Group is committed to making sure their client is well informed, heard, and taken care of. I am confident that Puma Law Group is doing all they can for my case. They are consistently responsive and respectful  when answering my questions and concerns in a very timely manner. PLG is extremely knowledgeable and able to extensively explain the steps and processes my case goes through. I highly recommend trusting Puma Law Group to handle your case!!”

– Dara Coppolone, November 2020 via Google

Man of His Word

“Always willing to answer any question I had and he always was patient with me. Considerate and professional. I was impressed by his demeanor and confidence. Also willing to tell you like it is direct and honest. I feel extremely fortunate that I had the opportunity to have him defend me when times were very difficult. He assured me from day one that he wouldn’t rest until he resolved my issue. He is a man of his word.”

– Eric Mitchell, November 2020 via Google

Result Was More Than I Expected

“The Puma Law Group was nothing but amazing. Throughout the entire process they were informative, responsive to all my questions, and more than patient with me. For such a stressful time, it put me at ease knowing I was in such good hands. The results of my case was more than I expected. I highly recommend Puma Law Group.”

– Alicia Ferrer, November 2020 via Google

Helped Me Every Step

“Mr. Puma was a real big help in my child support case. I had no idea where to start and helped me every step of the way. He is very responsive and informative. Highly recommended.”

– Bryan Rivera, November 2020 via Google

Compassion & Commitment

“Worked with John puma on a few different things and he went above and beyond. He’s knowledge, work ethic, compassion and commitment supersede any other law firm I have dealt with in the past. I highly recommend Puma law group.”

– Dan, November 2020 via Google

Knowledgeable & Excellent Litigators

“The Puma Law Group is my go to for all my legal needs. They are quick to respond, very knowledgeable and excellent litigators. Lawyers are something you never want to have to call but I’m glad I have the associates at the Puma Law Group at my disposal when I have a need.”

– Michael Miller, November 2020 via Google

Great Attention to Detail

“The Puma law Group goes above and beyond for their clients! Very professional and knowledgeable with a great attention to detail. I highly recommend them!!!”

– Sam Muharay, November 2020 via Google

Efficient & Results Driven

“I have recently used The Puma Law Group, and cannot express enough how efficient and results driven their services are. I will never use another law group again other than Puma for all of my business and personal attorney needs.”

– Rob Hartmann, November 2020 via Google

My Case Was Top Priority

“I hired Mr. Puma for a slip and fall accident I had. He has handled my case very seriously always giving me the impression my case was top priority. Mr. Puma is very well informed and handles himself in the most professional manner. I highly recommend John-Paul Puma.”

– Sam, August 29, 2018 via Avvo

Whole Process a Breeze

“Jp puma. Great to deal with. So happy I was able to get referred to him. He was extremely efficient and handled everything with my lawsuit. He dealt with the demands and requests of the insurance companies adjusters and doctors office insurance people. I didn’t have to do anything. He made the whole process a breeze with no hassle at all. If you need a real professional to handle your problem and get the best results possible call JP PUMA !!! Victor.”

– Victor, August 28, 2018 via Avvo

Helped My Family SO Much

“Hired him for a car related back injury. Through a referral from a friend with similar case. Have to say he did wonders. I didn’t have to show up once to court or talk to my insurance company ever. Signed the check about 2 months after the accident and rehab! Helped my family SO much to not have to worry about bills. Will be giving my referral as well! Thanks again!”

– James, August 24, 2018 via Avvo

Nothing but a Positive Experience

“Working with John-Paul was nothing but a positive experience. He was thorough and treated my case as if it was the only case he was working on. He returned phone calls promptly and helped me along the entire way. He was very knowledgeable which created a positive ending to a very Unexpected and stressful incident.”

– Alicia, August 18, 2018 via Avvo

Best Lawyer Around!

“I hired John Paul Puma to help me with my case and he has been more than just helpful! He is always quick with a response with any concerns or comments I have. He has done right by me and settled my case! I was very pleased with his outstanding work! Best lawyer around!”

– Tara, August 18, 2018 via Avvo

Proper Representation in a Difficult Situation

“After me and my wife got into a car accident we contacted Mr. Puma. He was with us every step of the way making sure we got the proper representation in a difficult situation. I couldn’t be happier with the settlement or advice we got.”

– James, August 18, 2018 via Avvo

Honest & Trustworthy

“I hired John-Paul Puma for my Accident case. He was available 24/7. He is honest and trustworthy. He is highly experienced and skilled. He was always nice and polite. He personally attended court with me for my trial. I witnessed Attorney John Paul Puma resolve my case before the court.”

– Anonymous, August 13, 2018 via Avvo

Highly Recommend as Legal Counsel

“I have consulted with John-Paul on many occasions (for a multitude of topics). He has always given me completely honest and knowledgeable advice in legal matters. He is both diligent and thorough. I would highly recommend Mr. Puma as legal counsel.”

– John, August 13, 2018 via Avvo