Our New York Dog Bite Injury Lawyers Fight For You

A dog attack is a traumatizing experience that can change your life forever. If you or a loved one has been hurt from another person’s dog biting or attacking them, the Puma Law Group can help. The law allows victims of dog attacks to sue the owner of the dog for compensation for their injuries. To be entitled to compensation under New York law, victims must prove the dog that bit them had “prior vicious propensities” before they were attacked, ie. the dog bit someone or behaved repeatedly in an aggressive manner such that the owner knew it was likely, given the opportunity, that the dog would bite or attack someone else. If there is no evidence of a vicious past, the victim is not entitled to compensation.

We Investigate Prior Dog Aggression For You

bloody teeth cut lines on left handProving prior vicious propensities is a difficult task. It often requires going door-to-door in the area where the dog attack occurred, to determine who owned the animal, as well as if the dog exhibited prior vicious propensities before attacking you. This needs to be done as soon as possible after the attack. Not every law firm understands this or is even willing to do this. The Puma Law Group’s dog bite injury attorneys understand the unique complexities of these types of cases and the immediate, diligent investigation required to get victims compensation for their injuries. When you retain the Puma Law Group for a dog attack, the investigation starts immediately.

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