Our New York Construction Accident Injury Lawyers Fight For You

Construction workers face some of the most difficult working conditions on a day-to-day basis. Over the past century, New York has tried to address these dangers by creating regulations, known as the Labor Law, to keep the workplace as safe as possible. The owner of the property where the work is being performed, as well as the general contractor and any subcontractors on the job, are responsible for keeping the job site in compliance with the Labor Law so the work can be performed as safely as possible. But like anything else in life, these rules are not always followed. And when these rules are not followed, by and large, someone gets catastrophically hurt.

construction worker on phone while kneeling over coworker lying on train tracksThere are many regulations under the Labor Law that require owners and contractors to maintain a safe job site. This includes providing workers with necessary safety equipment to perform a specific task without undue risk, keeping the equipment workers are using in good repair safe for use, such as ladders and scaffolding, as well as giving proper directions to employees and not cutting corners in the name of getting a job done and profits, when it would take longer to perform the same task in a safer manner.

We Locate Responsible Parties in New York & Hold Them Accountable

When someone is hurt in a construction accident, there are many parties that may be responsible, including the owner, the general contractor, and often several subcontractors. The responsible party or parties are unlikely to admit fault, and you’re left with a situation where everyone is pointing a finger at everyone else. It takes a diligent and detail oriented construction injury attorney to cut through all the smoke and mirrors to identify the responsible party, hold them accountable, and get you the compensation for your injuries you deserve.

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